OpenRoute® Onsite WiFi is designed with the construction industry in mind. It is a powerful wireless network solution for accessing construction information on the jobsite. Onsite WiFi is extremely portable and can serve as a temporary WiFi network over the duration of a project.

Unlike an office setting, creating a reliable wireless network on a jobsite presents a number of challenges.


The building structure, heavy equipment, material stacks and even low-e glass can degrade or block a wireless signal disrupting network communications.

Coverage Areas

Work areas needing wireless access will change during the project life. Repositioning or expanding the network can be difficult.


Some wireless technologies require networking and/or RF expertise, which increases hidden installation and network management costs.

Onsite WiFi

Onsite WiFi is simple to install and operate. No special skillsets or certifications are required. As jobsite coverage needs change, the access points are easy to move and will automatically reestablish network connection. If expanded coverage is desired, a new access point can be powered up in the location and will then configure itself and join the existing network.

An Onsite WiFi network is constructed using OpenRoute® 2350MAP access points. They can be easily installed in locations such as on tower cranes, in stairwells, on walls and in window openings. Each 2350MAP communicates with other access points, creating a robust wireless network. Onsite WiFi networks self-monitor to detect poor backhaul signal quality or obstructions, and will reroute traffic to maintain optimal network performance.

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