The heart of the OpenRoute® Onsite WiFi is the high-performance 2350MAP (Mesh Access Point). This rugged portable access point was made to withstand the rigors of a construction site environment. All electronics and antennas are contained in the unit, protected from the elements, shock, and vibration. Power is provided using a separate Power-Over-Ethernet supply tethered into an Ethernet connector on the box.

Rugged Weatherproof Case

The 2350MAP’s highly visible case is IP-67 rated to protect its electronics from dust and water. It comes with multiple points to attach mounting/harnessing hardware and security locks. Inside, the 2350MAP’s hardware has shock mounting, meeting MIL-STD 801G shock and vibration standards.

High Performance 802.11g/n/s

OpenRoute’s 2350MAP has dual radio access points, at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Wireless network backhaul communications is over the 5GHz radio. Jobsite workers’ access to WiFi is on the 2.4GHz radio.

The 2350MAP’s radios are powerful. In open air, the 5GHz mesh backhaul can obtain a range of 500 meters, assuring wide network coverage. The 2.4GHZ WiFi has a range up to 200 meters, minimizing or virtually eliminating trailer or job box walks for data access.

Enterprise-class Administration and Security

Onsite WiFi offers a high level of security to protect user’s data and resources. The network can be segmented into multiple virtual local area networks (VLANS). Admins can then assign different access privileges and services to groups such as contractor employees versus various subcontractors. Client-side and mesh network data protection is provided with PSK AES CMMP encryption.

Simple Setup and Installation

Setting up an Onsite WiFi network with the 2350MAPs requires no skilled labor. OpenRoute’s design approach eliminates additional costly hardware such as controllers or external antennas.

Configuring a 2350MAP and the Onsite WiFi network is made easy using OpenRoute’s web-based user interface. It is part of the 2350MAP’s software and can be accessed by any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Critical device and network information is displayed, simplifying access point and Onsite WiFi network setup. The application also assists in repositioning a network or adding an access point for expanded coverage.

Flexible Mounting Options

The 2350MAP is supported by numerous mounting and harnessing options, so it can be positioned anywhere in the construction zone. Physically installing a 2350MAP is easy. 2350MAPs can be quickly mounted anywhere on a construction site, such as in stairwells, post or poles, windows, or even tower cranes.

2350MAP Datasheet

To download detailed 2350MAP specifications, click below.

Datasheet PDF

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